Kingdom Culture was created by Harbourside Church, New Zealand, and is being offered at Surfcity College for the first time in 2017.  

here are thousands of world cultures, but there is only one Kingdom Culture.  God has set the tone for how we should live our lives, and how we should love others, and this course will help you discover and apply this culture to your life.  It's a course that is relevant for today, and will position you for great things in your future.  


subjects include:

Ministry Modules consist of studies to provide a sound biblical understanding of the Kingdom of God and to equip believers for the practical expression of transformational mission and ministry.

  • Module 1 Understanding the Kingdom of God
  • Module 2 The Kingdom and the Church
  • Module 3 The Increasing Kingdom
  • Module 4 Kingdom Identity
  • Module 5 Kingdom Assignments
  • Module 6 The Supernatural Kingdom
  • Module 7 The Inner Kingdom


This course is included in the Diploma of Leadership and Diploma of Ministry course fees.  For all other students, the course is $25 per person.