Message from our principal

Thank you for your interest in Surfcity College. I believe that God’s best is just ahead for you and hope that you will choose to study His word with us.

By dedicating time in your life to study the bible, you are creating an opportunity for God to teach you more about His plan for your life. We know it’s a big step to take on a Diploma, but we have seen the course of many people’s lives change for the better as a result of them taking the leap to study at Surfcity College.

I once decided to Give God a Year, and studied at Surfcity College, and my journey has led me to become the College Principal, something that I could not have foreseen all those years ago.

Bible college not only teaches the knowledge of the bible and real life ministry training, but it also deals with the character, and makes us sort through the hard stuff in our lives. Bible college is not just a diploma, its personal growth, setting a foundation that cannot be shaken in your faith for the rest of your life!

I hope we can welcome you soon!

God bless,
Kent Green
Principal Surfcity College