Garry McDonald

Senior Pastor, Metro Church

"I have now been serving the Lord for over 25 years and I got my start at Surfcity College. The college is one of the greatest training grounds for effective ministry in the nation of Australia.

It is not just about the information but the spirit of the house. I would highly recommend anyone who is considering ministry to look into Surfcity College."

James Macpherson

Senior Pastor, Calvary Christian Church

"I actually began my ministry training at Surfcity many years ago. Surfcity college was a great place of development oppurtunity for me and I highly recommend their training to you."

Lucas Connell

International Itinerate Pastor

"Surfcity College was the place where my leadership was first developed. I was taught to preach and I really grew in the things of God, so I really recommend it. It's a great college and if you want to do something great in life then Surfcity is the place for you."

Kamilla Da Silva

Previous International College Student

"At the time I decided to go to bible college, I was working full time planning events for an international hotel chain, and I loved what I did for a job.  But there was something inside me urging me to take the year off, and just trust God, and spend the time studying His word.

I chose Surfcity college for its reputation and its convenient location, also, it had been my home church for 10 years.

During the year, the most valuable lesson that I learnt was that God loves me, yes, but that my life is not at all about me. He chose me to be the light in this sad and dark world and to bear fruit!

Since attending college my relationship with God has gone to a whole other level. My prayers are much more fervent, whether I pray for 2 minutes or 20. God has helped me to develop my gifts, and has used me many times to bless other people with words of encouragement. I now have much greater revelation when I read the word, which makes me want to read more and more.

The depth of my understanding has been taken to another level. My sensitivities to the Holy Spirit has increased in a way it never would just by going to church on Sunday and studying the bible at home.

I would absolutely recommend the College to others.  Just do it, you will not regret it! Test God, you will be blown away by the greatness of His works through your life." 

Kamilla graduated with a Diploma of Leadership in 2015 and returned to her home country of Brazil to further her studies.