What we believe

Surfcity College shares a common vision of its Key Stakeholder, Surfcity Christian Church Ltd.  We are a Christian ministry training college setting in place God’s master plan for every student, equipping them to release sin, sickness and sorrow, teaching them to recover freedom, hope and purpose for all.

Our Mission

Our mission is to set in place a high quality, creative and innovative discipling process concentrating in three areas of Christian leadership development:

1.      Head – We will promote excellence in academic learning and are committed to assisting our students to achieve their goal.

2.     Heart – We are committed to leading our students to develop their walk with God.  We will promote character development in a Holy Spirit anointed atmosphere.

3.     Hand – We are committed to maintain a practical ministry course, second to none, that promotes excellence in skill development through an “action/reflection” model of learning, closely monitored by the College.


Our Values

Our Message: Jesus

Our language: Love

Our Heart: Worship

Our Goal: God’s glory


Surfcity DNA

  1. The Holy Spirit has first place: His fruit; His gifts; His leading – our yielding

  2. God’s Word is the first and final authority for submission and decision making

  3. “We” – always building unity

  4. We deliver our best to serve the house of God

  5. No silos: one church; one team; one vision

  6. No compromise on truth, integrity, trust

  7. Recognise each other’s gifting’s – help each other grow

  8. Honour one another: Act courteously; build dignity

  9. Considerate, transparent communication

  10. Endure to mature