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A Bible study from Genesis to Revelation on the topic of praise, worship and creative ministries / arts in the contemporary church.  This course seeks to build a complete Scriptural foundation for praise, worship and creative ministry.  Then it looks at how to apply this in the contemporary church.  It is open and relevant to everyone - not just those on the creative team. 


  • History of Praise and Worship
  • Praise and Worship in the Old Testament
  • Praise and Worship in the New Testament
  • Tabernacle of David
  • Worship in Spirit and Truth
  • The War for Worshippers
  • The Anointing
  • Life in Ministry
  • Leading Praise and Worship
  • Creative Expressions in Ministry


This course is included in the Diploma of Leadership course fees.
For all other students, the course is $100 per person (includes the main text book).


Tuesday afternoons 2:30pm - 4:30pm
Semester 2 starts 7th August for 13 weeks
(Break for holidays on Tuesday 25th Sept, 2nd, 9th Oct)
All are welcome to attend


The main text book is:
Praise Worship and Creative Art in the Contemporary Church (David W. Palmer)

Non compulsory books:

31 Days of Compelling Worshipful Devotions (David W. Palmer)

Called to Worship (Rosanna Palmer)


Registrations are essential. To ensure your spot and main text book, click below to register.